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Akuapim South District, Ghana

Country: Republic of Ghana                                                                       

Language: English                                                                                                   

Population: 116,346                                                                                                              

Chief Executive: Mark Amoako Dompreh

Sister City Since: 1997

Ghana Flag Akuapim Map

Akuapim South District is located in Ghana’s Eastern Region and is the seat of government for the urban centers that comprise its populace. The largest city is Nsawam and the second major city is Aburi, where the world famous Aburi Gardens are located. The Aburi Gardens are quite close to the Accra, Ghana’s capitol city. Both Nsawam and Aburi are within a twenty-mile radius of Accra. The population of the district is 116,346; quite comparable to Lansing, however Akuapim has a greater rural population. The district possesses a relative wealth of natural resources and arable land. There are two rivers and coastal savannah grassland as well as developed forestry, electrical system, telecommunications structure, health and educational institutions.

Akuapim’s main exports are cocoa, gold, timber, manganese ore, diamonds, and bauxite. Ghana is currently promoting investment in its infrastructure and has signed an agreement with the State of Michigan for economic and cultural cooperation.  Within the Akuapim South district budding economic, cultural, health and educational ventures are being planned. There is a District Hospital which is linked to five clinics, four maternity homes, two eye clinics, an orthopedic center and three private clinics. Linkages are being established with area hospitals in the Lansing area. The health system in the district can greatly benefit from resources which we have in the Lansing community.


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